Webinar 3: Engaging Policy as a Path to Sustainability

Date: Tuesday, June 29 2021, 11am–Noon WAT


Through this webinar, we will share insights and recommendations for improving sustainability of key markets from our engagement work in policy influencing and advocacy. We will explore key regulatory bottlenecks affecting specific market systems in Nigeria, how PM circumvented these constraints and efforts made to drive regulatory reform. It will focus on PM’s diagnosis of the Tractors, Crop Protection Products (CPP) and Community Animal Health Workers (CAHW) markets, share key information for advocacy and policy intervention, progress so far and opportunities to improve market sustainability going forward.

By the end of the webinar, participants will understand:

  • how Propcom unlocked access to financing for agricultural mechanisation investments and holistic subsector policy development
  • Propcom’s sustainability of the Spray Service Provider’s (SSP) model through integration of model into NESREA’s Extended Producers Programme (EPR)
  • the barrier in veterinary service provision, the role of Community Animal Health Workers (CAHW) in facilitating access to vaccines and related services to farmers, and the impact supervision of CAHWs can have in sustaining the programme.


  1. Averti Ayu, Technical Lead, Agricultural Mechanisation
  2. Millicent Lafe, Technical Lead, Seeds and Crop Protection Products
  3. Gbenga Ariyo, Technical Lead, Animal Health


Supporting Documents:

  1. PowerPoint slides

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