Webinar 2: Leveraging ICT to Improve Access to Agricultural Extension and Mechanisation Services

Date: Thursday, June 10 2021, 11am–Noon WAT


Applying a mix of methods to reach farmers, especially smallholder farmers, with much needed agronomic information can be instrumental to improving their farming practice, productivity, and curbing or preventing diseases, among others. Through this webinar key lessons and best practices from Propcom’s application of various ICT channels to deliver quality e-extension and agricultural mechanisation services to smallholder farmers in Northern Nigeria. Issues around availability and access to extension information generally, especially for poor farmers, and the impact of COVID will be explored.

By the end of the webinar, participants will learn;

  • how PM leveraged the growing network of phone users in rural community to test models for e-extension;
  • how technology is being used to optimise the agricultural mechanisation services market, enhancing access to and availability of tractors through innovative financing options;
  • Propcom’s approach to building the capacity of radio stations to deliver extension services sustainably; and
  • how extension services extends beyond passing on research information to farmers to brokering relationships and building networks across the value chain


  1. Blessing Allen-Adebayo, Technical Lead, Agricultural Extension
  2. Averti Ayu, Technical Lead, Agricultural Mechanisation


Supporting Documents:

  1. PowerPoint Slides

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Yes, I enjoyed the webinar, it shows that the organisation is making positive impact through partnership.

– Victor Inaboya, Junior Agronomist, Farm Innovation Nigeria Limited

I will inform other stakeholders and implement / adopt some of the key practices [from the webinar] that prove to yield good impact.

– Yahaya Umar Bajoga, General Manager & Director, Necas Kamfani Nig Ltd.


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