World Food Day, 2017

It’s World Food Day and the theme this year is “change the future of migration: invest in food security and rural development”.

A continued increase in the world’s population and in the migration of people in search of better livelihoods; particularly from rural to urban centers, puts a lot of pressure on already scarce resources in cities. In Nigeria, over 60% of the population in rural areas depend on agriculture for their income. If we invested more in the agriculture sector, then we would be increasing food production and impacting food security and rural livelihoods, consequently reducing the need for migration.

At Propcom Mai-karfi, our work revolves around agriculture and agribusiness. We are partnering with private sector companies and government agencies to build the capacities of rural farmers on agronomic practices, to make farm and livestock inputs and services more accessible, and to stimulate thriving markets and demand for the commodities which these farmers produce. Having facilitated the investment of over 7 billion naira (£17,500,000) from our partners into the rural economy, we are working towards even bigger sustainable goals.

From everyone here at Propcom Mai-karfi, we wish you a happy World Food Day!!