Prince Charles Visits Propcom Mai-karfi

Today, 8 November 2018, Prince Charles, the Duke of Wales attended an event organised by the Department for International Development (DFID) and Propcom Mai-karfi (PM) to showcase PM’s work and allow the Prince to interact with some of the project’s staff, beneficiaries and partners. As a part of his tour of West Africa, DFID is interested in showing the Prince how aid is being effectively utilised in Nigeria, and selected PM as a project to use to showcase this.

During the event which happened in Abuja, the Prince was introduced to Propcom Mai-karfi’s goals and strategy, and went on to be introduced to two of its interventions, poultry and acha. The Prince saw how women acha producers had transitioned from laborious manual processing of acha to mechanised processing services provided by PM’s partner Pye Ryat, reducing their processing time from days to minutes. He witnessed a simulation of the labour versus mechanisation processes and met with acha farmers and the Managing Director of Pye Ryat.

Prince Charles was also introduced to PM’s poultry intervention which stimulated access to poultry vaccine and vaccination services against Newcastle disease, and trained its largely women producers on improved production techniques, linking them to high end markets and resulting in cumulative additional income of NGN864 million for the rural women beneficiaries.  His Royal highness also did a ceremonial vaccination of chickens and met with representatives of the National Veterinary Research Institute (sole producers of the ND i2 vaccine in Nigeria).