International Women’s Day, 2018

It is International Women’s Day (IWD) today. IWD is an opportunity for the world to revive the momentum towards achieving gender equality in all spheres of life. For us at Propcom Mai-karfi, the message is the same. This year’s theme of ‘How will you #PressforProgress resonates with us. We continued to #PressforProgress in 2017 which led to economic impact for women across rural northern Nigeria. Through our interventions, women farmers are enjoying better access to affordable, quality fertilisers for their farms. They are accessing mechanised farm equipment for both land preparation and post-harvest activities. Women involved in the production of poultry and livestock are rearing healthier animals and commanding higher prices in the market.

In 2018, we plan to continue along the same lines and #PressforProgress. We will continue to work with our partners along agricultural markets and value chains to ensure women are included and can benefit, and we will continue to strive for a world where women’s productivity is adequately rewarded. To help us do this better, we launched a study towards the end of 2017 to assess the core challenges and constraints that rural women are facing particularly in the conflict-affected north eastern part of Nigeria. The study is expected to enable Propcom identify opportunities to help women progress in production, trade or provision of services in this region. Essentially, this is a key piece of research that will provide much needed data and evidence for market systems programming that can truly benefit women. We look forward to sharing the findings from this study and hope it will contribute towards our improved collective understanding and response to the challenges faced by rural women in northern Nigeria as we continue to #PressforProgress.

Happy International Women’s Day from all us at Propcom Mai-karfi.