Connecting People to Nature #WED2017

Propcom Mai-karfi is promoting climate smart initiatives through strategies and policy actions which encourage the private sector to adopt climate smart approaches.

We are doing this through repositioning our interventions to become more climate smart, and through designing interventions which increase the resilience of smallholder farmers and reduces the impact of climate change.

We have partnered with the private sector to promote good agricultural practices and sustainable land management amongst farmers.


We have also collaborated with the National Fertiliser Technical Committee to popularise new fertiliser blends which improve crop yields and reduces excessive fertiliser use to protect the environment.

We are also supporting a local manufacturer to fabricate low-cost clean cook stoves and briquette fuels for these stoves from agricultural wastes, including the waste produced from rice parboiling.

Today  is World Environment Day. The theme this year is “Connecting People to Nature”. Today we encourage you to take a moment to appreciate the beauty and importance of nature, and to take this forward by doing what you can to protect the earth. From all of us here at Propcom Mai-karfi, happy World Environment Day!!!