Webinar 1: Propcom’s Approach to Climate Smart Agriculture

Date: Wednesday, May 26 2021, 11am–Noon WAT


This webinar will discuss some of Propcom’s climate smart interventions, with important outcomes from the interventions shared, including approach(es) applied, lessons learnt, and their overall contribution to mitigating adverse environmental impacts. 

At the end of the webinar, participants will understand:

  • the role locally adapted seed varieties play in curbing climate variability and building rural farmers’ resilience
  • how compost manure fits into the climate change battle
  • the viability of briquettes’ production centres


  1. Millicent Lafe, Technical Lead, Seeds and Crop Protection Products
  2. Ruskiyat Badmus, Technical Lead, Access to Finance
  3. Omofaye Asala, Technical Lead, Compost and Aggregation and Offtake


Supporting Documents:

  1. PowerPoint Slides
  2. Our portfolio

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Thank you so much for the opportunity to join. It was so good to hear what you are doing and the success you are having with the MSD approach. We are starting to use MSD more here in Cambodia, so it was really helpful.

– Clint Smythe, Business Development Advisor, iDE Cambodia


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