Poultry health

Research has shown that an average poor household in the rural areas of Nigeria have about six to ten local chickens. However, during outbreaks of Newcastle Disease (which occur primarily between October and March), 90% of these chickens are lost to the disease. Farmers are left with no other alternative than to start afresh. A survey conducted in Plateau, Bauchi, Niger and Jigawa states observed this happens every year and that farmers have little or no idea about vaccination against Newcastle Disease. Other than the commercial livestock farmers, most of the people in the rural areas either have limited or no access to veterinary services. There is an opportunity for a grass roots veterinary service provision, which is affordable and accessible.

In 2013, Propcom Mai-karfi commenced collaborating with National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI) to manufacture doses of thermostable Newcastle Disease (NCD) vaccines required for a pilot project. Propcom Mai-karfi additionally partnered with private company Agriprojects Concepts International Ltd (ACI) on a distribution and vaccination channel for the NCD vaccine in three local government areas of Kiyawa, Suletankarkar, and Malam Madori in Jigawa state. The pilot showed that the vaccine works and that trained vaccinators can effectively deliver vaccination services and make money from it. Following this outcome, Propcom Mai-karfi and ACI have expanded to additional states of Gombe, Nasarawa, and Benue. In 2013/2014, ACI sold over 3,000 vials of Newcastle disease vaccine in northern Nigeria, compared to about 800 in other parts of the country. 4,600 farmers (mostly women) have accessed vaccines and vaccination services through the distribution model and village based vaccinators structure.

Propcom Mai-karfi is also widely promoting the village based vaccinator model as a profitable venture and showing paravets how to become vaccinators under the model using videos and posters.