Environmental markets

In Nigeria, smallholder farmers and their farms are especially susceptible to adverse climatic conditions. The associated effects of climatic changes can be further worsened by certain farming practices which result in loss of soil quality, loss of soil moisture, top soil erosion, etc, and hence suppress productivity. Nigerian smallholder farmers face constraints of knowledge on how to mitigate weather effects on their farms, and are also hindered by the high costs, and often low quality of inputs in the open market.

In 2015, Propcom Mai-karfi partnered with seed company, Value Seeds, to develop the ‘value kit’. Value kit is modelled to be a “one-stop kit” for maize cultivation using conservation agriculture techniques, and contains all inputs (seeds, crop protection products, fertiliser, and aluminium phosphide; a chemical for grain storage) required for the cultivation and preservation of grains for a 0.25ha size of land. The aim of the partnership and the value kit is to achieve sustainable and profitable maize production through the application of one or more of the following:

In the pilot programme, 80 demonstration plots have been established for training farmers, 1,500 farmers have attended demonstration events, and 2,000 value kits have been sold. The value kits can benefit its users in four ways: