Propcom Mai-karfi adopts a market systems development approach to delivering sustainable and systemic impact in our intervention locations. Our approach is targeted, collaborative, inclusive and climate smart. We use a two-pronged approach:

  • working through private sector partners in locations with stable business environment to reach smallholder farmers with sustainable business opportunities.
  • Concentrating on market recovery and revival in conflict-affected locations with little or no private sector presence and over-dependence on government and humanitarian assistance.

Our interventions are tailored to resolving identified constraints in market systems to improve incomes for all market actors, with the overall goal of increasing farmers’ resilience. We implement strategies to re-engage the private sector in regions affected by conflict, thereby reviving market transactions and reducing our beneficiaries’ over-independence on humanitarian agencies and the government.

We integrate climate smart agriculture (CSA) practices into our strategyensuring our interventions are climate smart, and we encourage our beneficiaries and partners to adopt CSA practices. By so doing we help the rural poor adapt and become resilient to the adverse effects of climate change.

Propcom Mai-karfi is funded with UK aid from the UK
government and managed by Palladium.

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