A Snapshot of our Results to Date

We have come very far and under very challenging conditions, exceeding many of our key performance indicators. Our gender targets were very ambitious, particularly given the socio-cultural norms of the region in which we work. Our successes and failures have come from doing and learning, and we look forward to the next phase of the programme.…

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Making Markets Work for Refugees

On February 6th, 2018, Palladium’s Peter Douglas and Collins Apuoyo spoke at a webinar on “making markets work for refugees” organised by BEAM. The webinar explored the role of private sector in responding to humanitarian crises using projects, including Propcom Mai-karfi, which are working with displaced people and host communities.  …

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How to! Stimulate last mile delivery of vital goods and services

“The implication of absent formal market structure in rural areas means that unlike in urban centres, businesses cannot merely rely on the usual delivery chain of: production warehouse to wholesaler to retailer and to consumer or some slight modification to this chain.…

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How to! Encourage business partners to collect and share data for intervention monitoring

“The collection of data by business partners is crucial in understanding the changes needed in market development programmes. Data is necessary for tracking: Activity outputs Indication of market system change Market performance indices with a view to improving and increasing responsiveness to market dynamics…” In this ‘How to!’ note, Propcom Mai-karfi’s Ovo Ugbebor shares her experience on how to tackle a commonly met challenge in market systems development.…

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World Soil Day, 2017

Soil conservation is vital to food production and human preservation. Ongoing degradation of soil resources and minerals, including as a result of poor management practices pose a problem for the future and the ability of our earth to feed the world.…

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