Connecting People to Nature #WED2017

Propcom Mai-karfi is promoting climate smart initiatives through strategies and policy actions which encourage the private sector to adopt climate smart approaches. We are doing this through repositioning our interventions to become more climate smart, and through designing interventions which increase the resilience of smallholder farmers and reduces the impact of climate change.…

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Warehouse Launch for a “One Stop Shop”

As a part of Propcom Mai-karfi’s activities to expand rural farmers’ access to agricultural inputs, we designed an innovative strategy for establishing a single distribution channel for seeds, fertiliser and crop protection products. This strategy which is called the “one stop shop” is now being implemented in partnership with a group of community based organizations and a private company (Globe Quest Consult) in Zamfara state.…

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Notes from our Sister Project in Zimbabwe

The Palladium-implemented Market Development for Livelihoods and Food Security Programme (LFSP) in Zimbabwe recently shared an update on what is happening at LFSP, what’s new and what the gaps are. Please read at this link:…

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Our First ROPO Bond Recipient, Babban Gona, Wins Skoll Award

Babban Gona, an agricultural franchise based in Kaduna state, Nigeria has recently won the prestigious Skoll Award for social entrepreneurship. Babban Gona, the brainchild of Kola Masha has evolved rapidly and is delivering sustainable impact, thanks in part to investments made in the franchise by Propcom Mai-karfi, using our innovative Raise out of Poverty (ROPO) bonds.…

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Nigeria’s Ratification of Paris Climate Accord

In December 2015 at COP21 in Paris, President Buhari adopted the Paris climate agreement which aims to hold global average temperature increases at below 2°C and to achieve net zero emissions by the second half of the century.  At the conference, President Buhari outlined Nigeria’s Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs) which are actions to be undertaken towards meeting the newly signed international agreement.…

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