Veterinary drugs and vaccines

This intervention relies on our community vaccinator’s model to expand access to vaccines in rural communities for the control of Newcastle Disease and Peste des Petits Ruminant. Our partners on this intervention include:

  • Private sector: Agriproject Concept International Ltd, Ambuvets Konsult Ltd, FDH Agrovets and Tropical Poultry Services Ltd.
  • Public Sector: National Veterinary Research Institute (NVRI)

Animal health services

This intervention focuses on developing a critical mass of community vaccinators to bridge the gap in rural access to veterinary services. We work with the Veterinary Council of Nigeria (VCN), regulators of veterinary medicine in Nigeria, to establish the Community-based Animal Health Workers (CAHWs) programme.

Our collaboration with the Jigawa State government resulted in the training of some CAHWs in the State and the provision of start-up loans for the CAHWs.

Poultry production technologies

Through this intervention we seek to raise awareness about the economic importance of local chickens in rural households. We do this by providing training to women in rural communities on rearing and marketing local chicken.

Milk processing and aggregation

The goal for this intervention is to increase the quality and quantity of fresh milk produced by with Fulani pastorialists and communities, thereby improving their commercial value to the benefit of the pastorialists. Arla is our partner on this intervention.

Poultry product marketing

This intervention also targets women as primary beneficiaries. Our goal is to link women local chicken producers to formal markets and support demand generation to grow investors’ confidence. Nkataa and L&Z are two of our private sector partners on this intervention.

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