Promoting Agroforestry has been identified as a key approach to combating the effects of climate change on rural communities where Propcom intervenes, especially in the North East, and a means to support the rural poor cope with the changes.

Through our Agroforestry intervention we use economic trees, such as Gum Arabic, as channels for promoting tree rehabilitation. We establish sustainable agroforestry systems and create positive messaging on conservation, as well as efficiently source tree crop products from rural communities. All these we do working with private sector partners who deal in produce

Solar drying

The traditional method of openly drying farm produce by direct exposure to the sun reduces the quality of produce due to contamination and increases loss. Through our solar drying intervention, we facilitate rural farmers’ access to efficient drying services using renewable energy source and support off-taking of their dried produce. Osomobegbe Global Ventures (OGV) is a key partner in this intervention.

Cookstoves and Briquetting

Our cookstoves and briquettes interventions seek to minimise the harmful effects of using solid fuel sources such as firewood for cooking and heating on people and the environment. These interventions target women, who are the primary users of firewood in rural communities, as users and distributors. Our partners cut across the private and development sectors: Roshan Global services limited, SOSAI renewables energies company, ICEED limited, Women Initiative for Sustainable Environment (WISE) and Rensy Foundation.

Plastic waste management

Plastic waste contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions. Working with eTrash2cash, our primary partner, we promote efficient plastic waste management by creating awareness, providing incentives in exchange waste collected in rural communities and facilitate processing of plastic waste in re-useable products.

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