Improved Seeds

This intervention is designed to address challenges related to awareness and access to certified seeds by rural farmers. We work with Premier Seeds, a major seed distributor (MSDs), who supports and supervise rural seed promoters (RSPs) to supply seeds and technical advice on the seeds to rural farmers.

We also work with local SMEs seed companies, including Tecni seeds and Girmal Seeds, to produce certified seeds employing rural farmers in communities as out-growers

Crop protection products

With this intervention, our focus is on expanding rural farmers’ access to crop protection products (CPPs) for prevention of pests and diseases on farmlands through our Spray Service Provider (SSP) model. The model involves training young people in rural communities on the proper handing and use of CPPs. They then provide the service at a cost to farmers in communities. We execute this intervention in partnership with CropLife, the umbrella body for CPP companies.

We are also focussed on proving the viability of the model as a profitable venture through partnership with Harvest Field Industries limited.

Agricultural mechanisation

This intervention works to improve rural farmers’ access to tractor and postharvest equipment services. We work with Mechanisation Service Providers such as the Tractor Owners and Hiring Facilities Association of Nigeria (TOHFAN) and North East Commodity Association (NECAS) and other actors in the supply chain such as booking and hiring agents to aggregate and satisfy rural demand for agricultural machinery and equipment services.

Solar irrigation

Irregular water supply for crop production due to increasingly unpredictable rainfall and poor access to portable and affordable irrigation technologies is resulting in an average decline of agricultural yields by 20% in Northern Nigeria. Working with private sector partners we help rural farmers access climate smart irrigation technologies and services to increase crop production cycles and associated incomes, while reducing rainfall dependency and the use of fossil fuel alternatives.

Aggregation and offtake

We improve rural farmers access to high quality agricultural inputs, financing, storage services and markets by facilitating linkages to efficient market channels. Some of our partners, past and present, include: A A Lawan Moda, ABS Zugachi Nigeria limited, AFEX and LAPO microfinance bank.

Access to Finance

Our objective is to proffer solutions to the locational disadvantage and mismatch between financial product offerings and needs of the borrowers. Consequently, we work with financial institutions to develop tailored loan products that align with agricultural production and business cycles of our target beneficiaries while testing the idea of bundling Digital Agricultural Extension Services (DAES).

We are piloting with Standard Microfinance Bank Limited in Adamawa State and Development Exchange Center (DEC) in Bauchi and Kaduna States.

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