Publications - Womens Economic Empowerment Series

Women's Economic Empowerment: Success Stories from Northern Nigeria

Read our collection of women's empowerment stories at the farmer, cooperative and entrepreneur levels.

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Acha producer: on access to processing services

Acha is a cereal crop which is very hard to manually process. The labour and time intensiveness in processing acha has contributed to a decline in the production of this nutritious grain. In 2015, Propcom Mai-karfi commenced partnering with an indigenous company, Pye Ryat, to pilot a mechanical acha processing service in Plateau state. This service is saving acha producers money and time which they could invest in other enterprises. Change Mann is one of many farmers who have benefited from this service. Read her story...

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Women farmers: on input loans and swapping grains for fertilisers

Propcom Mai-karfi (PM) and Africa Exchange Holdings (AFEX) are partnering on a warehouse receipt scheme to provide grain storage services to rural farmers and includes a swap component which allows farmers to exchange their grains for fertilisers. A tripartite agreement with microfinance institution – Lift Above Poverty Organisation (LAPO) – is also giving farmers access to microcredit fertilisers. Read how some women farmers are benefiting from this scheme and improving their livelihoods.

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Shea nut pickers: on market access for their shea kernels

Propcom Mai-karfi’s partnership with SALID Nigeria Limited has provided a ready market for women shea nut pickers in Niger and Kwara states, in addition to building their capacities on kernel processing. Read Hassana and Ramatu's stories...

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Esther Sambo: on acquiring a new power tiller with her group

Through an agreement brokered by Propcom Mai-karfi under its power tillers intervention, in 2015, 100 women’s cooperatives in 8 states received tillers for their farming businesses. The cooperatives acquired power tillers at an agreed repayment plan which has significantly reduced some of the drudgery involved in farming for them. Follow the link below to read Esther Sambo's story.

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