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Vaccine Sales Save Poor Farmers’ Poultry

Propcom Mai-karfi's partnership with Agriprojects Concept International, National Veterinary Research Institute, and a network of village-based vaccinators has made poultry vaccines available and affordable for poor rural people in northern Nigeria. Read the below story...

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Babban Gona: A Business of Social Impact

Starting in June 2013, Propcom Mai-karfi (PM) has invested in development impact bonds with Babban Gona; an agricultural franchise which is responding to some of the key challenges impeding smallholder farmers' profitability in Nigeria. Following PM’s investment, other investors have followed and thousands of farmers have improved their livelihoods. Follow the link below to download the full story.

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Tractor Loans Benefit Service Providers and Farmers

Propcom Mai-karfi’s tractor component is helping tractor service providers like Suleiman Maigana to access loans for new tractors from commercial banks. Now, with increased tractor financing to service providers, more rural smallholder farmers like Abdulrahimu Danyero have better access to tractor services. These are their stories.

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Minding the GAP = Improved Yields and Income

A story of how smallholder farmers are benefiting from improved linkages to crop protection products,

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