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Propcom Mai-karfi: Lessons Learned, 2012 - 2017

This Propcom Mai-karfi (PM) lessons learnt report shares the learnings that have come out of six years of experimentation and implementation in the challenging contexts of northern Nigeria and private sector development. These learnings were extracted with PM’s next phase in mind, and in recognition of the many other programmes, organisations, investors and entrepreneurs who seek to bring wider opportunities to the rural poor, or change within the agriculture and private sector development contexts, whether in northern Nigeria or elsewhere.

Date of publication: 2018

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Women’s Income Generation in North East Nigeria

Propcom Mai-karfi and WISE Development's new study on women’s income generation practices and economic agency in rural markets of north eastern Nigeria.

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Buying into a smallholder harvest

A case study on Propcom Mai-karfi's Raise Out of Poverty (ROPO) bonds and how we have used these to demonstrate that it is possible to set up efficient and profitable farming systems driven by smallholder farmers.

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The women who make rice shine

A case study on Propcom Mai-karfi's rice parboiling intervention and lessons for its broader activities on women’s economic empowerment within the ‘making markets work for the poor’ approach.

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Getting a Better Deal for Organised Women

A case study on how Propcom Mai-karfi has reached women farmers in northern Nigeria through the use of community-based organisations (CBOs), and how one CBO has become a commercial services provider, linking its member farmers to thriving markets.

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Saving Rural Livestock

A case study on how Propcom Mai-karfi has stimulated a model which allows rural communities to access veterinary care and vaccines through a network of Community Animal Health Workers.

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Rural Delivery of Newcastle Disease Vaccines in Nigeria: A Two-Pronged Approach to Poverty Reduction

An article on how Propcom Mai-karfi and its government and private sector partners have bridged the gap in rural access to Newcastle disease vaccine.

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Dynamic monitoring and results: How the Propcom Mai-Karfi project designed and implemented an adaptive measurement system

Propcom Mai-Karfi collaborated with BEAM Exchange to develop a case study on the project's dynamic and adaptive monitoring and results measurement system for assessing its shea kernel intervention. To read this case study, follow the link below.

Date of publication: 2016

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Gender and Women's Economic Empowerment Strategy

Propcom Mai-karfi's gender and women's economic empowerment strategy recognises the need to go beyond giving women economic assets or unlocking economic opportunities for them. The project's agenda involves ensuring that women have the power and agency to make and act on economic decisions, thus benefiting fully from income earned.

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Education and Lasting Access to Fertiliser - A Case Study

Propcom Mai-karfi has completed a fertiliser case study titled ‘Education and Lasting Access to Fertiliser: How Nigerian Smallholders and Businesses are Prospering Together’. Please find links below to download (1.) a summary of the case study, and (2) a copy of the full case study document.

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