Alhaji Monsuru Ajayi, Farmer and Rice Miller in Ogun state

Consumer Survey on Improved Packaging and Presentation on Ofada Rice

Business Opportunity for Threshing in Kano Rice Value Chain

Agricultural Economic Study of Rice Threshing in South West Nigeria

Financial Analysis of Improved De-stoning Technology

A Survey of Improved Drying and De-stoning Techniques and Technologies

Organising and Building Capacity of Women in the Kura-Kano Rice Processing Clusters

Demonstration and Financial Feasibility of the Use of Nets to Prevent Bird Damage

Ofada Rice Production, Processing and Marketing Cost Survey

Empirical Study of Bird Damage in Ofada Rice Production in South West Nigeria

Diaspora Demand Study for Ofada Rice

Installation of Three (3) Kubota Rice Mills And Training of Officials in Abeokuta, Ogun State

Definition of Ofada Rice Qualities through Varietal Identification and Testing

Managing Demonstration of Improved Parboiling Equipment in Kura-Kano Rice Processing Clusters

Support for Small Rice Threshers in Nigeria

Demand and Supply Study on Domestic and Imported Rice in Kano Area

Project Delicacy: Ofada Rice Attributes Evaluation Study

Mapping of Production and Processing Clusters in Kano, Jigawa, Katsina and Kaduna States

Financial Analysis of Parboiling and Milling Techniques in the Kura Kano Corridor

Ofada Rice Processors Needs Assessment Report

Mapping of Ofada Rice Production Area

Survey of Local Fabricators, Retailers and Repairers of Rice Production and Processing Machine

Project Delicacy II: Ofada Rice Demand Characteristics And Measurement Study

Baseline Survey of the Kano Rice Value Chain – Final Report

Political Process Study of the Kano Rice Wholesale and Retail Market

Ofada Baseline Survey

Review of the Bird Pest Problem and Bird Scaring in South West Nigeria

Financial Analysis of Rice Parboiling/Processing Systems in Bida Area, Niger State, Nigeria

Investigation of the Rice Commodity Chain in Dass / Bauchi Area