There are about 25 million people with disabilities (PwDs) in Nigeria. This number makes up 29% of the 84 million PwDs in Africa; over half of whom are women. When compared to other regions, the North East is home to most PwDs in Nigeria due to the ongoing conflict and insurgency. PwDs in Nigeria, like […]

Disease is a major constraint that threatens productivity of rural chicken farmers in Nigeria, of which Newcastle Disease is said to be the most devastating. A 2015 study conducted by Propcom Mai-karfi to assess local chicken production revealed that most chicken producers do not invest in vaccines for their chicken and the few who do […]

  More than two-thirds of the estimated 152 million children in child labour do so as family labourers. – International Labour Organisation (ILO) Today, somewhere in Nigeria, an 11-year-old girl will help her mother carry a basket of vegetables to her stall in the market; vegetables she helped harvest. She will later return to her […]

We live in uncertain times in the wake of the devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the global community. As a result, countries have turned to unorthodox and often tough measures in combating the virus, which have had dire consequences on the global economy. Nigeria recorded her first COVID-19 case in February 2020. In […]

Rice is the third most consumed food in Nigeria after maize and cassava, making it an important food crop (KPMG, 2019). It is also an important cash crop for smallscale, rural farmers who produce over 80% of rice consumed in Nigeria (PWC, 2018). However, obsolete mills and low capacity of small-scale rice processors, limited mechanisation, […]


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