As part of our mid-term implementation strategy review, we will be conducting an online auction on September 12 2019 via on auction include furniture, vehicles, electrical equipment, among others. For details and how to participate in the auction, click here to be re-directed to the auction website.

According to the United Nations, Africa does not significantly contribute to greenhouse gas emissions but is most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Despite this vulnerability, opportunity abounds for economic growth and poverty reduction in the continent as the aggregated GDP of African countries vulnerable to climate change should rise by about $1 trillion to […]

The recent report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change attributes 22% of global greenhouse gas emissions to anthropogenic agricultural activities. But we must eat to survive, so what is the solution to reducing these emissions? Three words: Regenerative Organic Agriculture. Where traditional agriculture is dependent on chemical inputs, synthetic fertilizers, and heavy machinery, […]

Minister Baldwin with some beneficiaries of the Propcom Mai-karfi programme in Abuja, Nigeria. On 15 July 2019, Propcom Mai-karfi hosted the UK’s Minister of State for Africa, Harriet Baldwin, at an exhibition in Abuja. Through the exhibition, Minister Baldwin learnt about how Propcom is innovatively contributing to reducing the effects of climate change and empowering […]

It is International Women’s Day and the theme this year balances for better. At Propcom Mai-karfi (PM), we aim to achieve gender balance in our work. Across our interventions, we work to mainstream women and empower them economically; supporting them with access to finance and agency over their livelihoods. We have also identified and designed […]


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