Summary of the workshop on Growth Enhancement Support Scheme {GES}GES Workshop – CHYP Review

A pioneering partnership between Agriprojects Concept International, National Veterinary Research Institute and a network of village-based vaccinators is making poultry vaccines available and affordable for poor rural people in northern Nigeria. Read the full success story  Vaccine sales save poor farmers’ poultry – Success Story RELATED NEWSSupporting Rural Women Farmers with Good…

Dr Sannusi  Abdulahhi of Kiyawa in Jigawa state Nigeria talks about his new business supplying vaccines to village agents. He wants to defeat Newcastle disease which kills millions of village poultry every year. The ducks, chickens and wildfowl are owned by poor women and men who rely on them for life. Click and listen to […]

Alhaji Bashir Maccido, a Notore fertiliser distribution partner in Sokoto state, northern Nigeria talks about his growth strategy. Click to listen to the story-  RELATED NEWSCan Africa Attain Economic Growth with Minimal…

The private sector tractors service business just received a boost in Nigeria, with Sterling Bank Plc. joining the league of banks supporting a wholly private sector-led tractor market. Sterling Bank, one of the leading Nigerian commercial banks launched its new ‘Tractors Finance Acquisition Scheme’ product with 10 brand new tractors handed over to tractor service […]


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