From September 25, 2014 to October 23, 2014, Propcom Mai-karfi and partner Syngenta held field day events for farmers in Kano and Katsina states. The field days are learning opportunities for farmers and are a follow-on to prior trainings on good agricultural practices. The events were facilitated by agronomists, with lead farmers explaining how they […]

It has been a great week of observances for us here at Propcom Mai-karfi, and today we commemorate the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. More than 2 billion people globally still live in poverty, and in Nigeria more than a quarter of its 170 million people. The north of Nigeria has some of […]

Today is World Food Day! The 2014 World Food Day theme is ‘Family Farming: feeding the world, caring for the earth’. More than half of Nigeria’s food is produced by smallholder farmers and on family farms. Propcom Mai-karfi works with the private sector to stimulate better access to agricultural goods and services such as mechanisation […]

GRM’s Sachin Gupta today presented Propcom Mai-karfi’s poultry health intervention at a round-table discussion hosted by the Department for International Development and Oxfam in London. The broad theme of the round-table was Women’s Economic Empowerment in Agriculture and Agribusiness.Sachin presented on the intervention’s context, impact, the vaccination market, and the role of government. Click to view […]

Today is Global Handwashing Day! Propcom Mai-karfi promotes hand washing with soap in rural Nigeria by working with businesses to facilitate grass root product distribution and health messaging. Our partner PZ Cussons uses mass media and direct consumer contacts (community, school, market awareness demonstrations, and education at point of sale) to reach rural people in […]


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