Changing rain and snow patterns, melting glaciers, rising sea level leading to floods, increasing drought, and higher temperatures are among some of the devastating effects of climate change on the earth. The impact of climate change is felt by all and seems to be worsening; it, thus, requires an all-hands-on-deck approach to fight back and […]

Although it is 42 years after the ratification of the Convention on All aspects of Violence Against Women (CEDAW, 1979), discrimination is still widespread in law and practice. Over the last decade, 131 countries have added 274 gender-related amendments to legislation and rules, but it is documented that more than 2.5 billion women remain in […]

It is 2021 and women still face significant challenges that hold them back from attaining their potential. Compared to men, women have less access to education and financial institutions, have fewer economic opportunities, face more challenges starting a business, are fewer in leadership positions, and feature less prominently in politics. Economic empowerment of women has […]

Majority of the inhabitants of rural communities in Northern Nigeria, largely depend on agriculture as their main source of income. This is also true for women who depend on the rearing of small ruminants and poultry as their primary source of income. Small ruminants and poultry farmers are faced with two major diseases – Peste […]

I want to open a poultry farm and hatch chicks to sell to people to rear. So that they too can have something they can do to survive. These are my hopes and aspirations. – Saidu Naziru, CAHW from Jigawa State Inadequate or no access to quality veterinary drugs and services for smallholder farmers is […]


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