We are a markets development programme funded by the UK government with a focus on systemically improving rural and agricultural market systems in conflict and post-conflict regions. We work through collaborations and partnerships with private sector organisations, government and development organisations in 9 northern and north-eastern states in Nigeria to revive and facilitate access to markets with the goal of increasing incomes for poor women and men in rural communities.

To achieve our goal, we employ a targeted market systems approach and work through collaborations with partners in the private sector, government and development organisations.

Our Vision

To make a significant contribution towards developing thriving rural markets in Northern Nigeria, which create shared prosperity and economic opportunities for women and men.

Our Mission

We facilitate inclusive and sustainable poverty reduction in Northern Nigeria through:

  • Partnerships with businesses and other development actors;
  • Strategic investments in innovative business models;
  • Informing and influencing policy; and
  • Sharing information and knowledge with others.

Our target of increasing the incomes of 210,000 women and men in rural communities by March 2021 is achieved through 4 key objectives:

  • Working towards sustained stability and economic recovery that improves livelihoods of the rural poor;
  • Increasing resilience of the rural poor to climate change by implementing a portfolio of Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) interventions;
  • Facilitating inclusive growth in rural and agricultural markets to address the growing levels of rural poverty and vulnerability; and
  • Embedding best practice gender and Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) across interventions and strategic areas.

Propcom Mai-karfi is funded with UK aid from the UK
government and managed by Palladium.

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Propcom Mai-karfi is happy to share information, data and materials (photographs, videos and others) owned by the Programme with members of the public. However, users must first seek and receive permission to use these materials, data or information. To seek permission, please send an email to info@propcommaikarfi.org
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