Welcome to Propcom Mai-karfi

Welcome to Propcom Mai-karfi (which means ‘stronger’) – a programme supported by the UK Government to make rural markets work for the poor in northern Nigeria.

By engaging with private sector partners and governments, Propcom Mai-karfi set for itself ambitious targets. At the beginning of the programme, Propcom Mai-karfi set out to raise the incomes of 500,000 poor people by 2018. Through its partnership approach, the programme also aimed to stimulate £12.5 million in private and public investment into the rural economy.

By the end of Propcom Mai-karfi’s first phase in March 2018, the programme had exceeded its targets. It raised the incomes of 665,600 poor farmers and small-scale rural entrepreneurs by a cumulative £27 million and stimulated £49 million in private and public sector investment into the rural economy.

Propcom Mai-karfi is now in its second phase which will run till 2021. The programme is refocusing its scope to only 9 states in northern Nigeria (the 6 north eastern states, and Kaduna, Kano and Jigawa states) and aims to increase the incomes of 210,000 poor people during this phase.


Propcom Mai-karfi is an innovative, market-driven programme funded by UK aid that aims to reduce poverty in Nigeria.

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