Welcome to Propcom Mai-karfi

Welcome to Propcom Mai-karfi (which means ‘stronger’) – a programme supported by the UK Government to make rural markets work for the poor.

By engaging with private sector partners and governments, Propcom Mai-karfi has set itself ambitious targets.

By 2018, Propcom Mai-karfi aims to raise the incomes of 650,000 people in northern Nigeria, half of them women.

Through its partnership approach, the programme also aims to stimulate private and public investment in the rural economy by more than £12.5 million.

Propcom Mai-karfi is an innovative, market-driven programme funded by UK aid that aims to reduce poverty in Nigeria.

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Warehouse Launch for a “One Stop Shop”

One stop shop for fertiliser, seeds and crop protection products

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Notes from our Sister Project in Zimbabwe

Livelihoods and food security programme in Zimbabwe

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Our First ROPO Bond Recipient, Babban Gona, Wins Skoll Award

Propcom Mai-karfi congratulates Babban Gona on Skoll Award

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More News
  • It is World Water Day today! Our sector and the partners that we work with depend on smallholder farmers for their raw materials, and these farmers in turn are reliant on water for their crops. Water was also at the crux of our efforts to promote hand washing with soap amongst rural households to reduce incidences of hygiene-related illnesses and diseases. Water is vital to life, to health, and to food production, and we encourage you not to waste it.
    From all of us here at Propcom Mai-karfi, we wish a happy World Water Day!!
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